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Hand Bike Stationary
Hand Bike Stationary

Working With Your Fitness Stationary Bike

Much like swimming, workout on a fitness stationary bike has been hailed as a great method to getting in shape and perhaps dropping some weight along the way.  Unlike swimming, no prior training is required.  Anyone can get on a bike and start pedaling without any danger of falling off or hitting an innocent pedestrian.


Before embarking on any exercise routine, take a minute or two to formulate your fitness routine.  Noting the term routine, it means something to be adhered to and not a one-off affair.  No pain no gain, as the saying goes.  If your goal is to look sharper and shed some weight, discuss with your doctor on the correct way to go about it.  In the event you're fortunate enough to have access to a fitness instructor, ask him or her to customize a suitable program.  Alternatively, you may already be in tip-top condition and is aiming to complete a grueling Ironman marathon.  This will certainly require a resistance-loaded program.


Goal in hand, you now have something to measure your progress.  For added accountability, tell your family and friends to monitor and goad you on.  If necessary, attach a reasonable deadline to achieve your goals.  Else you're setting yourself up for a game with moving goal posts.


If you already have an Exercise Bike at home, get on it and start burning those calories.  If boredom is your worst enemy, clip on some ear plugs and enjoy a ride to the beat of your favorite music.  Else face your bike towards flora and fauna to simulate a trip through nature.  Alternatively, include reading or puzzles as part of your fitness routine.  It's all the more reason for physical activity to complement mental alertness.  This is probably only possible with a Recumbent Bike which allows you to comfortably recline into your seat.  Whatever you do, don't downgrade your bike into a secondary clothes hamper.


With patience and perseverance, all the time spent on your fitness stationary bike will start translating into toned muscles and looser clothing.




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