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Speed up the concentration to enhance the right to speak Chinese steel industry restructuring speed - the steel industry, iron ore prices - steel

Year, the Chinese iron and steel enterprise reorganization after another, and the growing movement:

3 26, by the merger of Laiwu and Jinan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Shandong formed inaugurated in Jinan.

6 28, by the merger of Baosteel Group and Shaoguan Iron and Steel Group and Guangzhou Iron and Steel Group, founded in Guangzhou, Guangdong Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd..

6 30, by the Tangshan Iron and Steel Group and Handan Iron and Steel Group, established jointly become the largest steel group?? Hebei Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., production capacity more than 30 million tons.

It is understood that more restructuring is in progress. Industry insiders, this means integration of China's steel industry will again speed.

Decreased concentration of iron and steel industry in China

Why China's steel industry to speed up the restructuring? The original, the international steel industry, Iron ore Long ago set off the wave of industry restructuring. July 2006, Mittal acquired Arcelor steel group, creating the world's first annual output more than 100 million tons of iron and steel; February 2007, the world number 54 of the Indian company Tata acquisition of Anglo-Dutch group Corus company became the world's fifth largest steel company; in November 2007, the world's largest mining giant BHP Billiton Rio Tinto to acquire the world's third child, to create "a unique global natural resources industry enterprises."

In the international steel industry, the increasing concentration of today, China's steel industry, but industrial concentration has declined in overall trend. Statistics show that annual production of crude steel up to 10 large steel companies, the country's total annual output of crude steel in 2001 the proportion of the total crude steel was 46.25%, in 2007 this figure dropped to 36.79 percent, well below the international average.

The "Steel Industry Development Policy," clearly, the 2010 top 10 domestic steel enterprise groups, the proportion of the country's total steel output up 50%; over 70% in 2020.

Restructuring efforts to increase threefold

China Steel Industry Association, said Zhang Gang, China's steel industry to improve industrial concentration around the corner, and in negotiations with international iron ore giants are also asked to speed up the passive situation of industrial concentration, enhance the powers of the world steel voice.

Recent years, the iron ore price is gone up, up 71.5% in 2005, up 19% in 2006, up 9.5% in 2007, this year the average rise as high as 85%. As the world's largest iron ore consumer, Iron ore price The impact of soaring to imagine our country. The experts believe that iron ore prices and the fragmentation of iron and steel enterprises in China are closely related.

Executive vice president of China Steel Industry Association, Luo told reporters: "Big steel companies are buying futures prices, but many small and medium enterprises to buy the stock price, buy more, naturally also with a higher futures price, how do you negotiate that can only be increasing. "

Luo believes that at this stage, only by increasing the iron and steel enterprise restructuring efforts across the country formed a few large steel group, to allow the current imbalance of supply and demand of iron ore market to be governed. Moreover, large-scale restructuring is bound to eliminate some outdated steel companies to ease the enormous pressure of environmental protection, in addition, it will make China's iron and steel enterprises in international negotiations in the future greater right to speak, can be said to serve three purposes.

The general trend of regional restructuring

Lots of other good, slow pace of restructuring Why? Iron and steel enterprises are often the backbone of local enterprises, big profits and taxes, mergers and acquisitions between them will inevitably involve complex local interests, and our current tax policy has some flaws, the company was likely to make local governments after the merger are subject to certain loss. Anshan Steel and Benxi steel to merge, for example, as early as August 2005 the two companies will jointly re-saddle the Iron and Steel Group, but is still full and substandard.
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