Bike Rain Poncho

Bike Rain Poncho
Bike Rain Poncho

Packing Checklist for a Motorcycle Trip - Don't Forget Anything!

One sure fire way to ruin a great motorcycle trip, or at least up the hassle factor, is to forget important and sometimes seldom thought of pieces of gear, clothing or accessories. Seasoned riders often prepare a motorcycle trip packing checklist in order to avoid arriving on location without all those items that make a trip not only enjoyable but easy logistically. Avoid having to buy missing items at your destination and save time and aggravation while preparing for the trip.

Below is a list of items that riders can consider bringing for their motorcycle trip. Many of the items will depend on your own personal circumstances, the time of year and your destination.

* Spare inner tube

* Tire patch kit

* Portable tire pump

* Spare clutch cable

* Spark plug

* Chain links

* Chain oil

* Bottle of engine oil

* Bottle of spare petrol

* Small tool kit (key metric wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers etc)

* Rain gear (Rain coats, Ponchos)

* Helmet, gloves and body armour

* Trash bags (For waterproofing and dustproofing)

* Long sleeved shirts and long pants

* Bungee cords / bike hooks

* Sun screen and mosquito repellent

* Compass

* Watch

* Jackknife

* Tapes

* First aid kit ( plasters, paracetamols, aspirins, charcoal pills etc)

* Contact details of motorcycle rental company

* Passport (or a photocopy if your passport is surrendered to the motorcycle rental shop)

* Driver's license

* Insurance papers

* Travel guide(s)

* Maps

* GPS receiver

* Camera

* Torch Light with spare batteries

* Matches / Lighter

* Mobile phone

* Chargers for the various electronic equipments

* Power adapters

* Phone list

* Papers and pens

* Hammock and camping equipment

* Cooking equipment

* Toilet papers

* Water and food

* Cash and credit cards

About the Author

Atticus Fits is an avid traveler and the owner of Adventure Vacation Trip, a website which chronicles his adventure travels in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China and other exotic locations.

Be sure to check out his page on Packing Checklist for a Motorcycle Trip!.

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